The Cosplay Medic (General How-To)

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The Cosplay Medic (General How-To) Empty The Cosplay Medic (General How-To)

Post  SaintAyanami on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:09 pm

How to Cosplay Medic 101

What you should carry:

Water:  I cannot stress the importance of water enough! Keeping hydrated at cons, especially summer ones, is crucial! Carry a refillable water bottle and take a swig from it often. If you are feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!

Emergency medicine: (examples: ibuprofen and inhaler). Make sure you carry medicine to help you power through sudden headaches, aching feet/back, and other ailments. If you’re asthmatic, make sure you have got an inhaler!

Bandages and Band-Aids: Carry these for cuts, blisters, and scrapes!

Sanitary napkins or tampons:  just in case your monthly friends decides to come calling in the middle of the con!

Hair gel and deodorant: In case of wig malfunctions, carry a small bottle of hair gel or hair glue. Also carry around deodorant and re-apply it every couple of hours. Nobody wants to smell your b.o.! (Disclaimer: deodorant is not a substitute for a shower. TAKE AT LEAST ONE SHOWER A DAY.)

Invest in some business cards to give to your new friends! If you don’t have the money for business cards, carry around a notebook so you can trade tumblrs/deviant arts/facebook info with your new buddies!

Carry around safety pins for quick costume fixes. If you’re super ambitious, carry a small sewing kit as well, in case of tearing. The safety pins will hold your costume together until you can get out of the way to whip out the sewing kit!
Tissues are always a good thing to carry. Also, carry a small snack or sugary gum in case your blood sugar takes a sudden nose dive. Don’t forget to eat!
Finally get a nice sturdy bag to put everything in. Decorate it and make it stand out, so that if it’s stolen or lost you can identify it easily! (Putting a name tag on the inside with your contact information isn’t such a bad idea either!)

Other things you might want to carry:
A Cutting tool (Scissors would be fine)
   Duct tape/super glue for quick fixes
   A Cell Phone (and possible your Cell Phone Charger)
Disposable Cups
   Emergency Money
   Your gaming device of choice
   A small bag of make up for quick touch ups
   Sandwich baggies and Tupperware to organize your small things, like band-aids, safety-pins, tampons/pads, and sewing kits.

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